Years ago, when I envisioned H.E.R Wellness & Fitness Boutique (Higher. Excellence. Rising) it was my goal to create something unique and tangible something meaningful and that would help push people forward in finding hope to a more intentional and purpose driven life though the means of holistic wellness including massage therapy and bodywork, self-care & self-love practices and fitness. My personal wellness and self-discovery journey began several year's after giving birth to my first child at the age of 17 years old then marrying 4 years later and giving birth to 5 more children (All Girls!!) So, for an entire decade or more I gave of myself and my body selflessly to build and birth a strong family but due to my lack of proper self-care during this season of my life I suffered physically, mentally, and emotionally in many ways. In 2019 after 15 years of marriage it ended in separation that ultimately led to a divorce which left me a single mother with very little to no help from my ex-husband. It was then when I hit my rock bottom, I experienced traumatic challenges including short-term homelessness with my children and that is when I decided to take my power back and re-build my life, recreate my story, repair what was damaged and reshape my reality. I started first with healing my mental and emotional state of being through healthy self- love and self-care practices. During this time, I was extremely kind and gentle with myself, and it took me a lot of forgiving myself in the beginning but as I started to heal and grow things became easier to accept and change. I then slowly started to focus on my physical pain points, and I discovered that I had a severe case of Diastasis Recti a condition that comes after pregnancy and birth in which the abdominal muscles separate and become weakened due to stretching and tearing from growing life inside of the womb. This condition ultimately caused me a lot of pain and weakness throughout my entire body. I had NEVER heard of Diastasis Recti dysfunction before, and I feel it is a shame that doctors and health care providers do not share more awareness to women surrounding these challenges after pregnancy and birth. I did my own research and started to heal my body through proper exercise and nutrition. In the Fall of 2020, I took it a step further and I enrolled into ISSA to earn my Certified Personal Training & Nutrition Certification after completing those courses I immediately started studying other courses including Glute Training and Yoga, also right before the Global Pandemic happened in the Spring of 2020, I attended Arizona School of Massage Therapy for a short moment but due to the circumstances I took a break but resumed classes in 2022 to complete my courses!!! I chose these specializations, accreditations and licensing because through my own healing process I learned that healing comes from within at a holistic soulful level through deep rooted self-care and self-love practices. It took me some time, but I was able to properly nourish and love myself back to optimal mental, physical, and emotional health. I began to experience true happiness and bliss and it was then that I realized my why? And I knew then that my purpose here on this earth is to help others overcome obstacles through holistic wellness practices including physical fitness training, but I was drawn to practice a uniquely crafted form of fitness training - A Warrior- Surrender Yoga Flow inspired fitness training with incredible undertones of Functional Fitness, HIIT, and Cardio. Through different mindfulness flows I have been fortunate to create some of the most therapeutic and restorative routines that I use daily in my own personal fitness journey to challenge and strengthen myself from the inside out.


It is fair to say that I care a lot about people because it is my personal belief that when we FEEL GOOD — because we are taking care of ourselves, feeling loved, recognizing our own worth and walking in our own power — that ultimately, society will reap those benefits. I have found that it really comes down to heart. If someone knows you care about them and you’re cheering them on, supporting them and rooting for them (literally speaking) that’s what really motivates them to make real and lasting changes in their lives physically, emotionally, and mentally.


Creator of H.E.R Wellness & Fitness Boutique & Signa H.E.R Warrior Flow

- Noree Noriega

"Everyone that exists on this earth is here on purpose and for a purpose and it is our duty as individuals to wake up every single day with mindful and deliberate intentions to fulfill that purpose. My purpose here on this earth is help people feel better and to teach them how to love themselves to wellness through holistic and natural resources".