Years ago, when I envisioned H.E.R Wellness & Fitness Boutique, it was my goal to create something different. My focus is on creating a healthy lifestyle, promoting wellness, and individualized care, by offering a unique approach to women's health, and applying just 4 principles of functional wellness to the forefront of all women's lives. I believe strongly that when you nourish your body properly, Move with Intention, Recharge your energy, and Empower your mind you ultimately feel balanced, prepared, positive, and powerful.


I care a lot about empowering women. I believe that when women FEEL GOOD — because they are taking care of themselves, feeling loved, and recognizing their own worth — that ultimately, society will reap those benefits. I think it starts and ends with women. I birthed H.E.R Wellness & Fitness Boutique to give women a safe and encouraging space to grow & glow healthier and stronger. I have found it really comes down to heart. If someone knows you care about them and you’re cheering them on, that’s what really motivates people to make real and lasting changes in their lives.


Founder- Noree Noriega

"H.E.R Wellness and Fitness Boutique provides clients with a healing and relaxing way to exercise their mind and body. We believe that by supporting positive change through fitness, holistic and spiritual treatment, clients will become truly aware and able to live life mindfully feeling more joy and deeper connections."